▣ Solo Exhibition ▪ Art Fair
2007   New York Art Expo (Jacob Javits Convention Center, New York,USA)
2006   “Dream Tree of Nine and What Is Not Nine”, ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH 2006 (Kongresshaus Zurich. Swiss, Gallery Jung Booth)
2005   “Dream Tree of Nine and What Is Not Nine” (Gallery PICI)
2005   “Dream Tree of Nine and What Is Not Nine”, ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH 2005  (Kongresshaus Zurich. Swiss, Gallery Jung Booth)
2004   “Dream Tree of Nine and What Is Not Nine”, KIAF (Gallery PICI Booth, KOEX, Seoul)
2003   “Sokcho of Nine and What Is Not Nine” (Gasan Gallery)
2002   “Gu Bulsang – Pulse” (Gallery Jeong)
2000   “Gu Bulsang-Breath”, KAF (Art Hall of Seoul Arts Center)
1999   “What Is the Origin of Sa Bulsang and Gubulsang?”, SEAF (Art Gallery of Seoul City Art Hall)
1996   “Sa Bulsang and Flow of Mountains” (Gallery Seoho)
1994   “Imagination and Reality and History” (Gallery Icon)
1993   “Nature and Deliberation- Dreaming Reconciliation” (Baekak Art Gallery)  ▣ Invited Exhibition
2005  Artists of Zurich (Gallery Jeong)
2003  Exhibition of Small Pieces by 100 Artists (Light Gallery)
2002  Exhibition of Treasure Box (Gallery Jeong)
2002  Paintings of Kites and Fans in Memory of World Cup Game(Sejong Art Hall)
2002  Songs by Pictures in Memory of World Cup Game(Floral Exhibition Hall in Goyang)
2001  Exhibition of Spring and Spring(Gallery Cafe – Spring)
2001  Preview of Na Hye-seok, a Woman Artist(Culre & Art Hall in Gyeonggi-do)
2001  Exhibition in Love of Dokdo Island(Seoul Gallery, Press Center)
2001  Beautiful Gangnam Exhibition (Daechi Gallery)
2000  Gangnam Art Exhibition (Yeongdong Yemaek Art Gallery)
2000  Korea and Vietnam Peace Exhibition (Auction House invited by Gana Art)
2000  SEAF200 City Dream (Seoul Arts Center)
1999~2001  Exhibition of Professor Works at Kangnung University(Culture Hall, Kangnung University)
1999  KAF1999 City Dream (City Art Hall, Seoul Arts Center)
1998  Selection of Artists’ Works in Commemoration of Publication(Gallery Jihyeon)
1995∼1997 1st, 2nd, 3rd Seoul  Engraving Art Works(Seoul Arts Center)
1995  Exhibition of Representative Works Leading Korean Art in 2000 (Celebration of the opening of Munhwa Ilbo Gallery)
1995  Breath Exhibition of Wang Geom(2nd anniversary of Seogyeong Gallery)
1994  Suggestion Exhibition for Tomorrow and Vision Exhibition for Next Generation(Seoul Arts Center)  ▣ Overseas Exhibition
2009  Comtemporary Korean Painting Artists Invited Exhibition (Modern Jun Gallery, New York, USA)
2008  Invitational exhibition of Korean and Chinese women artists in celebration of Beijing worldcup (Beijing, China)
2004  Invitational Contemporary Art Exhibition in London(Light Gallery, London, England)
2003  A Korean Contemporary Painting Exhibition  In celebration of the 30th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Bangladesh and Korea (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
2001  Korea Japan Painting Interchange Exhibition (Gallery Odori)
2000  Eco-Feminism In Korea (Nash Gallery, Minnesota,U.S.A)
1999  Image from the East – Modern Paintings from Korea (Art Konsult, NewDeli,India)
1998  “Revelation de L’image Coreenne”(Centre Culturel Coreen) Paris, France
1997  “La peinture coreenne orientale expression coreenne” (Bezizksant Charlottenburg,Museum Fur KunstUndGewerbe)
Allemagne, berlin, Hamburg, Germany.
1996  “36e Annee Grands et jeunes d aujourd’hui” (Espace eiffel-Branly)Paris, France
1993  “Korean Painting Exhibition For 21Century” (Noho Gallery),NewYork, U.S.A  ▣ Special Exhibition Group Exhibition”
2005  Exhibition of Scenery No.5(Baeksong Gallery)
2004  Spring of Woman Heart, Flower and Wind(Art Hall, Sejong Cultural Center)
2003  Exhibition of Korea Art Great Works(Art Hall, Seoul Arts Center) Sookmyung Art Festival(Insa Art Center)
2001  Exhibition of Nature – Generation and Extinction(Seoul City Art Hall)
Exhibition of New Millenium of Oriental Paintings(Seoul City Art Hall)
Hanbyeok Dongin Exhibition(Dongduk Art Gallery)
Woman Painting Festival(Exhibition Hall, War Memorial Hall)
2000  Exhibition of Korean Hope(National Modern Art Hall)
Exhibition of Korean Woman Artists’ Works(National Modern Art Hall)
Korean Echo-Feminism(Deokwon Gallery)
50th Anniversary Exhibition of Seoul National University Alumni Association(Seoul City Art Hall)
Exhibition of Korean 2000 Year Art History(Commemoration of Wolgan Culture Journal’s Publication)
Seoul National University and New Millenium(Seoul City Art Hall, Gongpyeong Art Center)
1999~2009  Sukwon Exhibition (Ungjeon Gallery, Deokwun Gallery, Insa Art Center, etc)
1999  Ah! Great Korea(Gallery Sang)
1996  50th Anniversary Exhibition of Seoul National University – Alumni Exhibition  (Museum of Seoul National University)
1994  Preview for 10th Anniversary Exhibition of Art World(Gyeongin Art Hall)
Exhibition of the World of Self-consciousness Viewed Through Self-portrait(Jongno Gallery)
Today’s Exhibition of Plastic Art to Appear Tomorrow(Gallery Dongho)
Exhibition of Color Fragrance(Miho Gallery)
1994~2000  2nd ~ Saemi Exhibition(Deokwon Art Hall, Jongno Gallery and Nash Gallery, Minnesota in U.S.A.,  etc.)
1993  Exhibition of Korean’ Future(Gallery Ami) 21st Century Korean Painting Exhibition(Noho Gallery, New York, U.S.A.)
1992∼2005 19th∼ Chunchu Hoe Exhibition (Art Council Korea, City Art Hall, etc.)
1991  Modern Engraving Exhibition by 20 Artists(Samjeong Art Hall) Exhibition of Drawings by 14 Artists(Baeksong Gallery)
1991∼2008  1st∼ Form, Color and Person Exhibition (Gwanhun Art Hall, Gallery Icon, Danseong Gallery, Jongno Gallery, Deokwon Gallery, and Nash Gallery,
Minnesota in U.S.A.,  etc.)
1990∼1997  1st∼ 8th Group Inking Exhibition(Galleria Art Hall, World Gallery, Gallery Icon, Seoul Arts Center, etc.)
1988 Exhibition of Korean Paintings(Sokcho Darang Gallery)1987 Exhibition of Gangwon-do Paintings and Calligraphic Works(Seorak Plaza Art Hall, Sokcho)

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